Infinite Uploads Giving Back at Web3 WP

Sep 28, 2021 | News

WordPress is an epic community that has given so much to Infinite Uploads and our team. As we reach new milestones, we want to give back. The internet is going through a radical shift. Cloud computing is one part of that. Decentralization through Web3 technology (Blockchain, CryptoCurrency, NFTs, etc.) is the other piece.

So what does this mean for the future of the WordPress community?

Our team in partnership with others in the WordPress community has formed Web3 WP to explore practical applications that integrate WordPress with Web3 technologies.

Our first experiment is a generative NFT art collection, which launched on September 25th of 2021. It is comprised of a variety of randomly generated renditions of the (unofficial) beloved mascot of WordPress, the Wapuu. Users are invited to dip their toes into the world of the decentralized web, which includes everything from Crypto, NFT, Blockchain, dApps, and DAOs. Web3 WP is creating tutorials, plugins, and building a community for future exploration of this tech.

How is Infinite Uploads involved?

As founding sponsors of Web3 WP, we are super excited about Web3 research. Our team was able to contribute in a couple of ways.

First, we offered up the use of our proprietary technology to serve all 2,222 Wapuu NFTs from our cloud storage. As a “thank you” for our sponsorship, we had the privilege of having our very own unique Wapuu included in the collection for one lucky minter to acquire.

Meet Cloudypuu, the most recent addition to the Infinite Uploads family!


Our fluffy cloud-boy was minted on launch day by 0XA7B2. We look forward to seeing him around the blockchain.

Second, our CTO, Aaron Edwards developed the code for the generative are project along with smart contracts and WordPress blockchain integrations for minting. His participation and continued curiosity keep Infinite Uploads on the edge of innovation and we are happy to have him contributing on Web3 WP.

If you enjoy new technologies and want to support Web3 WP, you can mint a Wapuu of your own, or even sponsor a special edition Wapuu for your WordPress-based business while minting is still open.

We jumped on the chance to add a secret coupon code to Cloudypuu, so the lucky minter received one year of Infinite Uploads free storage and CDN delivery service – absolutely free! The future of Cloud Computing, Web3, and WordPress is bright, and we are high-key stoked to be a part of the takeoff!


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