Affiliate Piggy Bank

Become an Infinite Uploads Affiliate and Get More... Longer

Get as much as $3,300 in recurring income per referral. Most WordPress affiliate programs give a one-time commission. Infinite Uploads shares ongoing revenue. Get 30% of every payment for an entire year for every customer you refer!

30% commissions

You receive 30% of every payment from referred customers. Even when they upgrade their plan later! And we payout your commissions in a rolling 60 day conversion window.

Recurring income

Don’t settle with a one time payment for your marketing efforts. We give you 30% of every payment made by your referred customers for 12 whole months! Stack your commissions for exponentially growing passive income.

60 day cookies

Users don’t always convert right away. So we give all your referrals a 60 day tracking cookie to make absolutely sure that you get the credit for their eventual conversion!

Monthly passive income

With our recurring commissions watch your passive income increase each month! 10 referrals per month for the lowest 100GB Business plan would give you $1,044 in monthly commissions after 12 months!

Getting started


Registering is easy and only takes a minute. You’ll get access to our powerful affiliate dashboard.

Generate your links

Create any links you need in our dashboard. You can point them at any area of our site like our home page or blog posts. Whatever converts best for your content.

Track and optimize

Track your clicks, signups, conversions, and commissions in our powerful affiliate dashboard with beautiful charts and graphs.

Get paid

After your links convert we will schedule your commissions for payment after 60 days in our next monthly payout.