Simple no-contract pricing that scales as you grow

Pick the plan that fits your needs and save.



Just getting started

20 GB Cloud storage
20 GB CDN bandwidth
Unlimited uploads
Unlimited sites
Free plugin
No contract or licenses
Custom CDN Domains

Need more? Upgrade and save!


Save up to 50%!

100 GB Cloud storage
100 GB CDN bandwidth
Unlimited uploads
Unlimited sites
Free plugin
No contract or licenses
Custom CDN Domains

Need more? Upgrade and save!

Full Feature List
  • Connect unlimited sites
  • No upload limits
  • Auto API connect
  • Free media list and sorting
  • One-click storage sync
  • Built-in import/export
  • Triple redundancy and 99.999% availability
  • Smaller backups and migrations
  • GDPR compatible
  • Per Site and user advanced reports
  • Includes CDN bandwidth
  • Encrypted SSL transmission
  • CDN Intelligent Media Caching
  • Custom domain CNAME per site
  • 50 full-stack edge locations
  • 65+ Tbps total through put
  • Use WordPress as file manager
  • Bulk migrate existing media to cloud

Additional Consumption

If you happen to use more data than is included in your plan, service will continue uninterrupted at the rates below.
Or upgrade to a new plan before the billing cycle ends and save up to 40% on storage and bandwidth.

Storage & Bandwidth Overage

5GB of additional SSD cloud storage

$3 /month

1GB of additional CDN bandwidth

$0.04 /GB

No contract, upgrade anytime to avoid overages.


Your questions answered.

What makes Infinite Uploads special?

We're glad you asked! Infinite Uploads is the only all-in-one plugin and storage solution. Connect an unlimited number of websites and never pay for the plugin. Other plugins are 3rd party utility plugins that require you to pay for both the plugin and service. With Infinite Uploads, you only pay for the storage and bandwidth. 

How is bandwidth and storage calculated?

Bandwidth is calculated as the total of daily bandwidth used by the CDN during the billing period and any overages are charged at the end of the cycle.

Storage is the maximum storage used during the billing period, also charged at end of the cycle. That means files removed from your plan will not be reflected until the next billing cycle.

This is explained further in what happens if I go over on usage.

What happens if I go over on usage?

We want to make cloud storage simple and affordable. We also want to make it so you get the best value for your money. For that reason overages are calculated and charged based on whatever plan you are currently on at the end of the billing cycle. This means you can upgrade up to one day before the billing cycle ends and avoid overages.

If you downgrade to a lower plan, overages will also be assessed based on your new plan. Be sure your plan has enough storage and bandwidth before downgrading to avoid overages.

What happens if I upgrade my plan in the middle of the billing cycle?

Plan changes are applied immediately with charges prorated, and any remaining credits will be applied to your next invoice(s). We provide a preview of any prorated charges before you confirm your plan change.

Is the Infinite Uploads plugin really free?

Yes. The Infinite Uploads plugin is completely free and can be used on an unlimited number of sites.

How many websites can I connect to one cloud account?

Connect an unlimited number of sites to your Infinite Uploads account at no cost.

How many files can I upload each month?

Upload as many files as you like and only ever pay for the cost of your storage and bandwidth. No file overages or per-site charges.

What servers are Infinite Uploads using?

Infinite Uploads is a hybrid custom stack built and hosted with multiple enterprise-grade cloud services for the ultimate in security, speed, power, and performance. All without the cost of a sysadmin or the complexity of configuring servers, policies, permissions, keys, etc...pure magic.

What happens if I want to leave or restore my files to my site?

Your files belong to you. We've made moving your library to the cloud and back again a one-click option and it is included free in the Infinite Uploads plugin. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

There are no contracts, so you are free to cancel at any time via the billing portal here on your account page. When you cancel your Infinite Uploads plan, the service will continue as normal until the end of your billing period. You can reactivate your plan at any time before the end of the period.

Important: You should use the "Disconnect" tool in the Infinite Uploads settings on each site to download any files that are only in the cloud to your local storage before your cancellation goes into effect to prevent any disruption for your sites and to protect your data.

At the end of your billing period the cancellation will go into effect. All new uploads will be blocked, your CDN will be disabled, and files scheduled for deletion.