Take full advantage of the cloud.

Save time, simplify your setup, improve security, and transform your website into a stateless WordPress application with Infinite Uploads.


Simple import, export, transfer, and sync.

One-click Import and Transfer

With Infinite Uploads, your Media Library belongs to you. Upload your files to the cloud or move your entire library back to your site with a single click. Whether you’re switching locations or moving your accounts, connecting and disconnecting couldn’t be easier.


Simple Sync

Click connect and let Infinite Uploads handle your file transfer.

Free Up Space

Delete files off of your host’s server to free up space and save money.

One-click Restore

Move your files back to your server with easy download & disconnect.

Store More

Serve large image, audio, video, PDF, archive, and doc files.


Get your files closer to your visitors to move data faster and safer.

We serve all your media to your visitors via our CDN (Content Delivery Network) from 50+ points-of-presence around the world for the lowest latency possible.

Deliver Media Files Smarter

Infinite Uploads is so much more than just infinitely-scalable cloud storage. Our CDN moves your files closer to your visitors reducing bandwidth, speeding up your site’s load time, and improving performance. Infinite Uploads is built to save you money on both your premium cloud storage and bandwidth for your media files.

CDN Benefits Breakdown

• 50+ global edge locations
• Redundant Tier-1 connections
• Private network
• 65+ tbps total throughput

• Exceptionally low TTFB
• Content protection
• TLS & SSL Encryption
• Up to 3x less latency 

• Lower cost and downtime
• SSD Storage
• Better stability & performance
• Reduces data exposure


We take protecting your files personally.

Infinite Uploads uses encrypted SSL to transfer files, is stored AES-256 encrypted in highly resilient and available storage, and our API was designed from the ground up with bulletproof security. All tokens and credentials are hashed, encrypted, segmented per customer and site, and rotated without you having to do a thing. We support multiple 2-factor login methods to protect access to your account and data.

Security Benefits Breakdown

• Encrypted SSL file transfer
• 99.999999999% storage durability
• Multimethod 2-factor login support
• Phish-proof FIDO U2F key ready

AES-256 encryption at rest
• Hashed and auto rotated API keys
• Segmented per customer and site
• USA or Europe storage locations

• Low latency and GDPR compliant
• Store media away from code files
• Available even when data centers fail
• Set filesystem to read-only


A top-shelf cloud stack built for WordPress media.

The Infinite Uploads Stack

Infinite Uploads is a hybrid custom stack built and hosted with multiple enterprise-level cloud services for the ultimate in security, speed, power, and performance. All without the cost of a sysadmin or the complexity of configuring servers, policies, permissions, keys, etc…pure magic.

Infinte Uploads CDN

Developers ❤️ Infinite Uploads

Speed up development and simplify life for customers. Turn WordPress into a stateless application with a click to enable advanced hosting architectures like Horizontal Scaling, High Availability, and even serverless application hosting.


Included commands for faster more efficient site syncing of large media libraries. 


Handle any of level traffic with horizontal scaling across unlimited application servers.

Develop Faster

Migrate your site to a new server or move your sites from local to staging faster.

Custom CDN URLs

Give each site a custom media URL to eliminate confusion and improve SEO benefits


Why not use AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure, etc?

There are 3rd-party plugins for that, but they all have expensive per-site or per-file recurring license fees on top of the cost of storage (plus you have to figure out how to setup and configure each provider account properly and securely).

Per gigabyte prices for cloud storage may look cheap, but there are hidden costs you don’t realize like class A/B/C/D API transactions and bandwidth x3 (to cloud > to CDN > to user).

Bandwidth costs are often 8x more than storage!

With Infinite Uploads simple no-contract storage and bandwidth pricing, you can connect unlimited sites and files for no extra cost – even if you’re not a cloud architect.

Still have questions?

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