Cloud Video Encoding, Storage, and Streaming for WordPress with Infinite Uploads 2.0

Jan 23, 2023 | News, Video

We’ve just pushed the biggest Infinite Uploads update ever after six months of development! Announcing our new video cloud – the ultimate solution for all your video storage, encoding, and streaming needs. With this video hosting feature, you can now upload any size video file directly to our cloud from your WordPress dashboard and have it encoded into multiple resolutions for seamless streaming on your site. Our built-in cloud storage and global CDN ensures that your videos are available to your audience anytime, anywhere, without any buffering or lag.

The most requested feature from our customers since launching has been better support for video. Video files can be huge and our infinitely scalable cloud storage and CDN plus Big File Uploads was a great solution for that. But encoding and embedding them properly in WordPress is a complicated pain, especially for your non-technical clients. Existing solutions like YouTube or Vimeo bring up issues with protection, ads, privacy, branding, or are just plain expensive! There was also no support for encoding videos into the most compatible formats and multiple resolutions so they can be served properly and efficiently to visitors. So we set out to solve this with Infinite Uploads 2.0. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional video hosting and hello to endless possibilities with Infinite Uploads!

Direct Large Video File Upload

Video files are often huge, and support for uploading large files to WordPress is limited with most hosting providers. This can cause a lot of problems when uploading them to sites due to the storage limits imposed by most hosting providers. And even when you have plenty of available storage from Infinite Uploads or your host, PHP and web servers like Nginx and Apache have maximum file size configurations that are often in the low Megabytes range. Even if you are able to configure these abnormally high, the upload will often timeout or WordPress will run out of memory when processing the large video file. Uploading a 1GB video file is impossible with almost any WordPress host.

This is why we built our new cloud video feature into Infinite Uploads. From right in your WordPress dashboard or the block editor you can upload multiple-GB video files directly to our cloud storage with no timeouts. And we use the latest TUS resumable uploads, so your upload is divided into multiple pieces processed in parallel with full error retrying and resumable upload. This means your video uploads process as fast as technically possible with minimal risk of errors.

Direct video upload via our block

Cloud Video Encoding and HLS Streaming

Once uploaded, our advanced encoding technology ensures that each video is properly encoded into multiple resolutions so that it plays smoothly on any device or Internet connection speed. Video encoding is a complicated and technical process that content producers should not need to be experts on, so we do it for you! This is done automatically in our powerful encoding cloud using none of your server resources that could slow down your site for your visitors. This process runs in parallel and is incredibly fast. Most importantly unlike competing encoding services like AWS, CloudFlare, or Mux, we charge you nothing for video encoding, not by minute or even by file size!

Encoding resolutions settings

Once encoded and thumbnails are generated, we package your video into the newest HLS streaming format and serve it via an embeddable video player on your site. HLS technology allows us to stream your video in multiple resolutions and formats to visitors depending on their device size and Internet speed, just like YouTube! Transitions between resolutions are automatic and seamless, it just works! This means with Infinite Uploads your videos stream to visitors in the best format for them, preventing buffering, making your site faster, and saving you big money on video bandwidth!

A Customizable, Unbranded, GDPR-Compliant Video Player

No one wants YouTube ads or link popping up on their site embedded videos! We give you a fully customizable video player to match your preferences or brand colors. Our embeddable player seamlessly integrates with WordPress, giving you complete control over the look and feel of your videos. With Infinite Uploads, you don’t have to worry about unwanted ads or tracking, as it is fully GDPR compliant and secure. Manage your videos with ease and stream them confidently, knowing that your audience’s privacy is protected.

Player customization settings

Cloud Video Library and Block

We’ve made it simple to upload, manage and embed your videos via our dedicated cloud video media library page. Upload hundreds of video files at a time reliably and in parallel. Search, sort, see view statistics, choose or upload custom thumbnails, and so much more right from our fast React-powered page with no load on your site. If you are a Gutenberg editor holdout, we have shortcodes you can customize and copy for embedding in any theme page builder like Divi and Elementor.

Cloud video library

We’ve even included a custom Infinite Uploads Video Gutenberg block that allows for instant uploading and embedding of videos, or selecting existing videos from your cloud media library. Our block even supports more advanced layout features like alignment, multiple video sizes, padding, and margin if your theme supports it!

An Amazing Update – For Free!

We think this new feature update for Infinite Uploads more than doubles its usefulness, and we’ve invested half a year of development to make it happen. Does this mean we are raising prices? Heck no! We want Infinite Uploads to be THE go-to cloud video hosting and media plugin, so we are releasing this amazing update FREE with your existing Infinite Uploads plan. That’s right, you can enable our new video cloud feature for no additional cost right now! Video storage and video bandwidth will be applied against your existing plan limits, for one bundled all in one price. Just want to use our cloud video product and not our cloud storage and CDN for the WordPress media library? We’ve got you covered there too. Once you connect your site to our cloud, you can choose to enable either feature or both depending on your preference!

More Features Coming Soon

We are certainly not stopping improving our video cloud yet. This is just the MVP. We have some amazing pro features in development that you will be able to enable with an optional Pro upgrade:

  • Video statistics – Amazing graphs to track views and watchtime both per video and library. Even by country!
  • 4K Video streaming – Unlock the ability to encode and stream 2k and 4k video from your site.
  • Captions – Add video captions files in any language (we hope to add AI generated auto captions as well) for accessibility and better SEO
  • Chapters & moments – divide your long videos into multiple selectable chapters, or highlight specific moments with a marker on the timeline
  • Heatmaps & Engagement scores – Visually track engagement with your videos to see the most popular parts or where viewers drop out so you can improve your content.

Try it Now with our Free Trial

We think this major update makes Infinite Uploads 2.0 the ideal choice for WordPress site owners who want a simple, affordable, and powerful video hosting solutions at their built right into their dashboard. With more control over how videos are streamed and an easy way to share unbranded content with their audience – there has never been a better time to experience all of the benefits of Infinite Uploads 2.0! So why wait? Get started today and start streaming your amazing video content faster and easier than ever before!