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Offload your big media library to the cloud, use less space on your hosting servers, and get quick CDN delivery with a simple one-click cloud setup. With Infinite Uploads you get:

Infinitely scalable storage and bandwidth

Simple no third-party cloud and CDN setup

Automatically migrate existing libraries

Connect an unlimited number of sites

Enterprise-grade storage for half the cost of S3/Google Cloud

Plans from $16/mo after free trial.

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Unlimited uploads
Unlimited sites
Free plugin
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Custom CDN Domains
S3-Compatible API Creds

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Plans starting from $9/mo after free trial.
I’ve used other media offload plugins before and this one is by far the easiest to setup! No need to mess around with connecting 3rd-party accounts or API’s. Everything just works and it includes a speedy CDN. If you’re looking to offload media to save on storage and improve site performance then you’ve found your solution 🙂

Tyler Postle


As a web developer and site manager for businesses, churches, and nonprofit organizations, Infinite Uploads saves me a ton of time in both development and performance optimization. It completely eliminated my need to train users on ftp clients and speed up my migration workflow.

Ruben Garcia Jr.

WordPress Developer

From their free smart media file scanner to their simple pricing and one-click connect, The cloud for WordPress and Divi users couldn’t be easier! Now anyone that can add an image to WordPress can move to the cloud and manage media files without client software, third-party plugins, or the need to become a cloud architect. It’s just Awesome.

David Blackmon

CEO, Aspen Grove Studios


Infinite Uploads makes the cloud easy.

Offload Media Library

Moving your media library to the cloud saves space, bandwidth, improves performance, and frees you from hosting limits.

All-in-One Simple Setup

All the complicated setup and 3rd-party cloud account settings magically disappear with Infinite Uploads.

Unlimited Sites & Uploads

Pay for your storage and that’s all. No more paying for your plugin, per-site licensing fees, or file upload limits.

Safe Secure Storage

All files are transmitted using encrypted SSL and protected with AES-256 encryption in triple-redundant storage.

Amazingly Portable

Hosting your media library in the cloud makes backups and migrations tiny, fast, and efficient.

Speed up WordPress

Blazing fast CDN with 50+ points of presence that put your content right next to your customers.

Horizontal Scaling

Transform WordPress into a stateless application ready for the cloud and the traffic of the largest enterprise websites.

“11 Nines” of Durability

Infinite Uploads cloud storage has 99.999999999% data durability. It’s more likely for the earth to be destroyed by an asteroid in the next million years than to loose your data.

Skip FTP/SFTP Clients

Add media files to the Infinite Uploads cloud right from the media library – no more confusing FTP/SFTP client manager setup or customer training.


Your questions answered.

What makes Infinite Uploads special?

We're glad you asked! Infinite Uploads is the only all-in-one plugin and storage solution. Connect an unlimited number of websites and never pay for the plugin. Other plugins are 3rd party utility plugins that require you to pay for both the plugin and service. With Infinite Uploads, you only pay for the storage and bandwidth. 

Is the Infinite Uploads plugin really free?

Yes. The Infinite Uploads plugin is completely free and can be used on an unlimited number of sites.

How many files can I upload each month?

Upload as many files as you like and only ever pay for the cost of your storage and bandwidth. No file overages or per-site charges.

What servers are Infinite Uploads using?

Infinite Uploads is a hybrid stack of premium cloud storage including Amazon s3, Backblaze, and StackPath for the ultimate in security, speed, power, and performance. All without the cost of a system-admin or configuring servers...pure magic.

What happens if I want to move or restore my files to my site?

Your files belong to you. We've made moving your library to the cloud and back again a one-click option and it is included free in the Infinite Uploads plugin.