Introducing Imajinn: The Magical AI Image Generator for WordPress

Sep 17, 2022 | News

AI Image Generation is here and if you have not had the chance to experience it, it’s truly magical. Enter a text prompt describing an image and style you want and a custom royalty-free image is generated in seconds. It’s the perfect companion for a post, page, presentation, creative expression, or just for fun.

The all-new Imajinn WordPress plugin and Gutenberg block by Infinite Uploads harness the power of this exciting new technology and put it right where you need it on your site. With Imajinn you’re seconds away from creating completely custom and stunning featured images, supporting visuals, or custom art pieces for your website.

Created with the technology powering Imajinn – what will you create?

How does it work?

Imajinn leverages the power of similar tools like DALL·E 2, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion, and puts it right at your fingertips in the WordPress post and site editor. Imajinn was trained on over 5 billion images, allowing it to generate everything from photo-realistic images to watercolor paintings to technical drawings and everything in between.

Once installed, the Imajinn AI Block is added and is designed to feel native to WordPress. Insert it into your post and page, enter a description, and Imajinn will generate a stunning image in seconds. Every image is royalty-free, so you can use them on your website without worrying about licensing issues or trying to figure out proper attribution.

Imajinn makes it easy to create and manage custom media content

It’s like having a personal graphic design assistant on your team that follows your every command. Each image only costs a few pennies, so you can spin up a variety of options and choose the one that’s best for your site. And unlike traditional stock image platforms, no two images are the same making the content unique to your site.

What’s Included?

Imajinn is brand new and already has a ton of incredible features:

  • Generate images with AI – Just type in a prompt and Imajinn will generate a stunning image for you to use on your site.
  • Gutenberg block – Create images right inside your posts/pages with the Imajinn AI Block.
  • Save to library – Upscale and save your favorite images to your WordPress media library for easy access in any theme/plugin.
  • Insert images – Insert your high resolution generated images into any post/page as an image block with a single click.
  • Style presets – Customize your images with a variety of preset options like art medium, artist style, and more!
  • History – Easily view and jump back to previous image generations to modify and customize your prompts.
  • Create variations – Generate more variations of your favorite images with a similar style and layout.
  • Face repair – AI-based facial restoration to restore facial details and enhance colors with a good balance of realness and fidelity.
  • Media page – Generate images outside of the Gutenberg editor for support with any theme builder.
  • Royalty-free images – Use the images you generate on your site without worrying about licensing issues.

But it’s just the beginning and we have more exciting features in development!

Try Imajinn Free

We can try to tell you how impressive the Imajinn plugin is, but seeing is believing. So for a limited time, we are giving everyone a chance to try it. Install the plugin from the WordPress repository and get 10 credits for free. That’s 40 amazing, one-of-a-kind images for your site. No credit card needed. Just create your free account and experience the Imajinn genie at work.

Get started today and discover how image generation can elevate your website, save you hours of time, remove the stress of maintaining proper image licensing, and unlock your creativity.

Go on, make a wish and see what Imajinn creates for you!

Created with Imajinn


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