Infinite Uploads Annual Plans Have Arrived

May 9, 2022 | News

Infinite Uploads is now one year old and to celebrate we have unlocked Annual plans. 🎉 We have had many requests over the past year, but the most consistent has been for Annual Plans. It makes sense!

First, you need to be able to trust your files are safe – on a platform that will be here for years to come. Second, you want your loyalty to the services you depend on rewarded. Infinite Uploads agrees! Today we are announcing Annual Plans with a discounted service option for the hundreds of sites that made our first year a huge success.

Save With Annual Plans

We want to say “Thank you!” to our early adopters by providing a discounted annual option. Now, you can lock-in the next year and get two months of service free. Just login to the Accounts page of the user portal on Infinite Uploads, switch to the “Yearly” plan option and save.

No more overpaying on storage and bandwidth costs. If you love your hosting provider and just need additional space or bandwidth, Infinite Uploads is your solution. Don’t just take our word for it! Our users have high-traffic websites and need trusted storage with high-availability.

Thank you sooo much Infinite Uploads! This is the best Plugin ( OF ALL TIME). Yesterday I got a quota warning from my hosting saying that it is exceeding the limit. I found Infinite Uploads and soon discovered that i can offload media to the cloud, so I did. Within a few minutes it solved my biggest problem.

Thanks again!



Start Now

One year is a huge milestone, but we’ve only just begun. We are committed to making world-class media management cloud service for WordPress available for every site (like making Infinite Uploads files manageable with your favorite FTP s3 client). Join Infinite Uploads and choose a yearly plan to get the best in cloud storage and increase your bandwidth limit at an even lower price.


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